Covid-19 What else?

Currently we find ourselves in an “apocalyptic world” as one of our close friends described it recently. I think they couldn’t be further from the truth! We currently find ourselves in ‘lockdown’ which simply means we are house bound and cannot socialise beyond one other person or frequent anywhere in general other than to shop, […]


It’s my early morning walks when IT gets me every time…surrounded by greenery, two dogs in tow and sometimes the wife.  I don’t plan to meet IT but somehow IT always catches me by surprise or I feel the lure of IT as I am enjoying being in and around nature, it doesn’t matter where you are IT will find […]

Altruistic Challenge

I’ve been deliberating for some time over the term ‘Effective Altruism’ which I came across recently.  It immediately resonated in me…there are so many people in the world doing ‘good’ but at the end of the day how effective is this altruism? Needless to say the ponderings have not stopped and I’ve spent quite some […]


As you know by all the hot cross buns, it’s been a significant weekend.  I know that with most people Easter evokes the thought of chocolate, Easter eggs and family gatherings. I like most people, enjoy all three but the one most important thing to me about Easter is the significance of the death and resurrection […]

Therapeutic tendancies

Hi there…this is literally my first public entry into the world of blogging.  OK…maybe I’m a little slow off the blog mark…alright, in blog terms I’m seriously dragging the feet but hey…it’s never too late as they say.  Recently I’ve been getting a strong urge to write…”big deal” you might say, “grab a pen and go for […]